2024’s Ultimate Guide to Campus Scavenger Hunt for College Event With Printable Scavenger Hunt Sheet


Are you tired of boring college orientations that leave students feeling more sleepy than informed? It's time to shake things up! Instead of sticking to the same old routine, why not consider adding some excitement with a gamification event like a scavenger hunt? In this blog, we will discuss what you need to know to create an engaging campus scavenger hunt that will turn your college event into a fun-filled event.

Why Should you do a campus scavenger hunt for new students’ orientation events?

Orientation events can sometimes feel dull and overwhelming, especially when they consist only of information. However, with an exciting and fun college scavenger hunt in the orientation event, students can breathe new life into the experience. Hosting a campus scavenger hunt offers an engaging and interactive introduction to the campus environment. By actively participating in the hunt alongside their peers, students can gain valuable knowledge about the campus layout and build connections.


What Are Fun Campus Scavenger Hunt Ideas for New Student Orientation Events?


1. Campus Landmark Adventure

Challenge new students to locate iconic campus landmarks, from statues to historical buildings, while learning about the university's rich history and culture.


2. College Alphabet Hunt

Send new students on a quest to find something on campus for each letter of the alphabet, encouraging exploration and discovery of various campus locations and features.


3. Campus Trivia Challenge

Test students' knowledge of campus history, traditions, and fun facts with a series of trivia questions scattered throughout different areas of the campus.


4. QR code Scavenger Hunt

Create a QR code scavenger hunt by hiding QR codes around campus. Teams must scan the codes to reveal clues or challenges leading them to the next location.


5. Photo Scavenger Hunt

Encourage your students to capture specific scenes or objects around campus through photographs, showcasing their perspective of the university environment.


6. College Treasure Hunt

Hide small prizes in various locations across campus and provide teams with clues to follow in search of hidden treasures.


7. Food Court Adventure

Delight students' taste buds with a culinary scavenger hunt, where teams must sample different foods or drinks from campus eateries while exploring dining options and cultural cuisines.


8. Campus Culture Hunt

Immerse students in campus culture by including challenges related to student traditions, art installations, and cultural events, fostering a sense of community and belonging.


9. Networking Hunt

Facilitate connections among students by incorporating challenges that require interaction with faculty, staff, or upperclassmen, promoting networking and mentorship opportunities.


10. Academic knowledge Hunt

Engage students with challenges tailored to their academic interests, such as locating department buildings, meeting faculty members, or solving puzzles related to their chosen majors.

What Are the Best Places to Hide Clues Around Campus?

When planning a campus scavenger hunt, it's essential to choose hiding spots that are accessible, safe, and relevant to the overall experience. You can think of these places when you plan campus scavenger hunt clues

  1. Classroom Desk
  2. Library
  3. Food Court Menu
  4. Campus Garden
  5. Campus Fountain
  6. Building staircases
  7. Sport Stadium Seat
  8. Laboratory Room
  9. Famous Statue of the campus
  10. Under a Campus Bench

In addition to these locations, you should certainly explore other potential hiding spots on campus.


What are Good College Scavenger Hunt Riddles?

Here are some good scavenger hunt riddles related to the campus scavenger hunt:


1. Library

Riddle: I'm filled with stories and knowledge untold, where pages turn and minds unfold.


2. Clock Tower

Riddle: A symbol of might, where knowledge is shared both day and night.


3. Lamp Post

Riddle: A home for the wise, where thoughts take flight, seek me out under the soft, glowing light.


4. Student Center

Riddle: I'm a place to gather, a hub of activity, where students unite in a spirit of creativity.


5. Campus Park or Green Space

Riddle: A green oasis amidst concrete and stone, where nature thrives and beauty is shown.


6. Classroom Building

Riddle: A path to explore, where knowledge awaits behind each door.


7. Campus Dormitory

Riddle: I'm a treasure trove of memories and dreams, where students embark on scholarly schemes.


8. Coffee Shop or Café

Riddle: Source of fuel to start your day right, where caffeine flows and conversations ignite.


9. Campus Statue or Monument

Riddle: A monument of history, a marker of time, where tales of the past continue to shine.


10. Theater or Performing Arts Center

Riddle: I'm a performance stage, a platform for art, where creativity flourishes and talents depart.

How to Create a College Scavenger Hunt on Campus?

1. Printable Scavenger Hunt Worksheet

Start with a editable campus scavenger hunt PDF template and personalize the challenges according to the things you want to highlight on campus. Incorporate elements that showcase your college's strengths, such as academic programs, extracurricular opportunities, and campus traditions to the hunt. Download the printable campus quest for college orientation event PDF file here.

You can download

Some examples of personalized challenges and trivia questions

  • Locate the campus library and find a book related to your favorite subject.
  • How many student clubs are currently registered at our college?
  • When was the fitness center renovated and reopened?
  • What event does the historical landmark commemorate?
  • Visit the campus theater and take a photo of the upcoming performance schedule.

Download the printable university scavenger hunt PDF file here.

2. Customized Tasks with Digital Scavenger Hunt App

  • Customize the tasks, apply the app's features for real-time tracking of teams' progress, leaderboard updates, and communication with participants.


The best way to make your student orientation event truly awesome is to blend a printable scavenger hunt worksheet with a digital scavenger hunt app. You can also explore a more in-depth, step-by-step guide on how to organize a college campus scavenger hunt using the PlayTours app in our resources. So, for the ultimate student orientation event, download our printable campus scavenger hunt PDF template and register free scavenger hunt app PlayTours at https://admin.playtours.app/ then create your games with an unlimited free trial.

What Are the Best Campus Scavenger Hunt Prizes For Students?

For campus scavenger hunt prizes for students, choose items that are both exciting and useful for them during their college life. Here are some prize ideas specifically for students:

1. College Merchandise

2. Gift Cards

3. College Survival Kits

4. Stationary Kits

5. Notebooks

6. Food Court Mean Vochers

7. Art Supplies Set

8. Language Learning Resources

9. Personal Development Books

10. Tech Accessories 

That's it! If you need help, do email us at hello@playtours.app