11 Easter Scavenger Hunt Ideas with Free Printable Game Cards


Easter is around the corner, and it's time to hop into action with some exciting scavenger hunt ideas! Whether you're planning a hunt for kids, adults, or the whole family, these 11 ideas will add a special touch to your Easter celebration, whether you're indoors or outdoors. Plus, we've included easter scavenger hunt prize ideas and free easter scavenger hunt printable game cards to make your planning even easier!

1. Easter Storybook Hunt

Dive into a world of adventures with an Easter storybook hunt! Hide Easter-themed storybooks or picture books around your home, each containing clues or messages. As participants find and read each book, they'll unlock clues that lead them one step closer to the ultimate Easter surprise.

Printable easter scavenger hunt cards

2. Golden Egg Hunt

Hunt for treasure with a special twist! Hide one or more golden eggs among a sea of regular eggs, each filled with exciting prizes or treats. As participants search, they'll keep their eyes peeled for the golden eggs, racing to be the first to uncover the ultimate Easter treasure.

Printable easter egg hunt

3. Magical Easter Garden Hunt

Transform your backyard into a whimsical garden wonderland, complete with fairy lights, flowers, and butterfly decorations. Hide clues inside mini gardens or fairy houses, with hints written on tiny scrolls tucked into flower petals. Once participants have collected all the clues, encourage them to piece together the puzzle and solve the mystery of the Hunt.

printable easter garden hunt

4. Easter Memory Game

Hide pairs of plastic eggs around the house, each containing a matching symbol or picture. Participants must use their memory skills to find matching pairs of symbols or pictures hidden inside plastic eggs. Successfully matching all pairs reveals the final clue, adding an exciting element of mystery and adventure to the game.

printable easter game cards

5. Photo Scavenger Hunt

Say cheese and snap some photos with an Easter photo scavenger hunt. Give participants a list of exciting items or scenes to photograph, like a bunny, a basket of eggs, or a flowering tree. As they hunt down each item and capture it on camera, they'll create a collection of special memories to cherish for years to come.

printable photo scavenger hunt card


6. Alphabet Challenge

Let's crack open some fun with the Easter Alphabet Challenge! Hide plastic eggs labeled with letters of the alphabet all around your home or yard. As participants find the eggs, they'll collect the letters and unscramble them to reveal a hidden Easter message or phrase. It's a hunt that's as educational as it is entertaining.

printable alphabet game card

7. Bunny Trail Adventure

Follow the bunny trail for an adventure that's sure to be fun! Create a path of bunny footprints leading to hidden Easter treasures or clues. Use flour, chalk, or paper cutouts to make the footprints, and watch as your participants eagerly follow the trail to uncover the surprises waiting for them at the end.

printable easter game cards

8. Egg Decorating Challenge

Provide participants with plain Easter eggs and decorating supplies, example - markers, stickers, and paint. Hide the eggs around your place, and participants must find and decorate the eggs before moving on to the next clue or challenge.

printable easter egg hunt card


9. Themed Easter Basket Hunt

Take your Easter egg hunt up by adding a theme to the mix. Whether it's a pirate treasure hunt, a fairy tale adventure, or a famous film theme like "Rise of the Guardian", choosing a fun theme can add an extra layer of excitement to the hunt. Get creative with themed decorations, costumes, and prizes to bring the theme to life. Don't be afraid to get silly and creative with your clues to keep participants on their toes.

printable scavenger hunt work sheet

10. Bunny's Secret Message

Hide letters or symbols inside plastic eggs that spell out a secret message or clue when arranged in the correct order. Scatter the eggs around the designated hunt area whether it's your backyard, living room, or park. Once all the eggs are found and all the letters or symbols are collected, participants must arrange them correctly to reveal the message.

printable scavenger hunt cards


11. Color Hunt

Assign each participant a collection of colors, and only eggs of that color can be collected. Hide the eggs in designated areas, making sure to scatter them evenly and hide them in both easy and challenging spots. Participants should search for eggs of their assigned color while being mindful of the colors of the eggs they collect.

printable colour scavenger hunt card


Easter Scavenger Hunt Prizes

As you plan your Easter scavenger hunt, don't forget about the prizes! After all, what's a hunt without a little reward at the end? Here are some ideas for prizes that will add an extra layer of excitement to the Easter festivities.

  • Chocolate Treats
  • Easter-Themed Stickers
  • Gift Cards
  • Bunny Plushy
  • Egg Decorating Kits
  • Journaling Supplies
  • Baking Supplies

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